Canacol energy Management imo Bought a GAS Asset Shona energy and Issued shares so as NOT to be Taken over just yet by LARGE  OIL  COMPANY!!!  Pacific Rubiales Takeover of C&C Energia's >>> In 2013 CANACOL ENERGY is BUYOUT TARGET 2013, as    >>> C & C ENERGIA is BOUGHT BY PACIFIC RUBIALES a Partner of Canacol Energy in Heavy Oil Basin!.....Remember Canacol (cne) is a Partner of both C&C Energia and Pacific Rubiales or now Just Pacific Rubiales (PRE) is Canacol Next, imo YES for sure, in fact Canacol bought Gas assets and Issued CNE shares so they would not be a Buyout at these low prices now, however in time 2013 Canacol will be a Takeover imo, it is Only Time... Called PetroMagdena. Called PetroLifera Petroleum, Called C & C Energia, and Called Solana Resources 4 Colombian Oil Buyouts with Canacol Energy NEXT 2013! imo