3D Seismic on Labrador well shows nice 70 acre nice oil well, In Fact this 3D seismic was so smart Canacol wanted to Make Labrador a Sure thing, The Labrador Oil Well Results this Tues. At the very least Labrador will hit drilling basement, and Canacol owns 80% of this Oil Well. Started Drilling Oct 30/2012 (20 days to Drill) IN FACT, Canacol Energy: HAS 50 Leads 1,100,000 Acres in Heavy Oil Basin. CAPELLA, PORTOFINO, CEDRELA, ACHAPO, TAMARIN, SANGRETORO, SERRANIA, LOS PICACHOS, & MACAYA BLOCK$ CANACOL BOUGHT FOR $33 PER ACRE, SELLING NOW FOR $209 PER ACRE..FACT Ecopetrol pays $209 per acre beside PORTOFINO BLOCK. Canacol has just hit Oil at Portofino with Pacific Rubiales, Fact! and now with Exxon 85 feet oil Fact 2 new Oil Blocks, Canacol finds OIL. Fact Labrador 80% CNE. Glad Buying Large today at .25,  i told  you  Canacol up 12% in days @.28 now!!!  he who loses Faith in me, Have Faith and I shall Give you Everything...lol