Canacol Energy 32,000,000 Barrels reserves after Shona Energy Buyout, time to sell Acres to Majors Sinochem ,  Ecopetrol, or Pacific Rubiales... could raise $200,000,000 from the 1,100,000 acres in Heavy Oil Basin...Sinochem Chinese Major Partner of Canacol Energy in Capella Huge Oil Field 2 billion barrels reserves. Sinochem should be SOLD Canacol's 1,100,000 acres in the region. Even Pacific Rubiales buying $155 an acre. Plus $209 per acre Ecopetrol. TIME TO SELL SOME ACRES FOR CASH CANACOL ENERGY... SANTA ISABEL 100% INTEREST SELL 75% FOR CASH NOW! TIME TO SHOW SHAREHOLDERS THE MONEY!