Hey Crotch,
When they well test they set plugs into the well so only one zone can produce at a time. Its not possible to control the flow from each zone when a well is put into production. They're going to flow based on pressure/porosity/permeability and the way to zone is perforated. They are only producing one zone at a time because they would have no way to measure mirador flow vs. Barco. Also when CNE announces flow rates they aren't testing the zones for very long. They are getting peak production right away because of the down hole pressure. 
Lets hope they hit on the wells with C&C. The seismic looks great. We need another production base. My friends and I are all holding this one for at least five years to give it a honest chance to perform. High risk but its kinda fun. I'm also into Tag Oil out of New Zealand. Very low amount of shares out and well capitalized with a good production base. They also had a farm in with apache that could turn out to be interesting. Check them out and no I'm not pumping lol.