You gentlemen of the Marret creed, if you want us to exercise the Rights offering, you must clean house. Bates and the rest of the board, save Stone and Haywood, must go. The present board and management are toast; they have no credibility either in the eyes of the shareholders, employees, or the financial markets.Bates, the Senator and the rest of the Holy Family, have sinned and must go. If you don't make these changes, we won't exercise any rights offering and you'll have to buy all these shares 1.7b of them yourselves. If you want our contribution to  the company, you must move and move decisively: the old guard mus go and go fast. Hope the big shareholders feel the same and they will use their leverage to get rid of the losers and the undertakers of his company. There are plenty of old age homes out there to house Bates and McKnight and probably dementia will start creeping in, if it's not aready here. So let it be know, we want change and we want it now.