I very much appreciate your complement and confidence in me Bond!


Since you are going to sell rather than exercise all your rights once they are listed for trading here is a tip for you and all others.  The most frustrating thing about rights issues is that it takes upwards a week for the rights to show up in your trading accounts once they are listed for trading. 

And what I have seen 9 times out of 10 is that the highest prices the rights will ever trade for during the few weeks they will be listed for trading will be right in the first 3 to 4 days - and all that time you still won't see your rights show up in your account so you can only drool at the nice trading prices you will see each day - but you won't be cashing in until you actually get the rights deposited into your account.

However, there IS a way around this which was brought to my attention by one of my brokers decades ago when I was lamenting to her that I wasn't ever able to sell my rights as soon as they start trading at those typically very high prices.  By the time I got my rights in my account then the price to be had dropped like a stone with all the sellers coming in all at the same time.

What my broker said was all I have to do is phone in and then they will do the sell for you even before you actually get the rights in your account since they know exactly how many rights you will soon get.  Sort of a short sale but not quite.


So if you want to sell and get the best prices possible make sure to phone your broker first thing in the morning of the first day the rights start trading.