I take it you speak on behalf of Bates and Associates, No? The Stand By Agreement is between who and who? As far as I know, there is one agreement between Marret and Cline that Cline will issue Rights and that Marret will underwrite them.  Now you're telling me that there is an Agreeement between the institutional shareholders and Marret that they will subscribe to the Rights offering? Are you serious? This is all news to me unless you know something we don't. Can you please give us a hint who, where and when this Agreement was signed? Get hold of yourself man, this is phantasy and fiction no fact. There may be Stand-By buyers who might have expressed the willingness to subscribe to the Rights offering, but I don't think they would bind themselves with any Agreement. Please show us the Agreement if you have one. And I don't speak of behalf of any group, I only speak for myself.