Reverse splits don't happen for nothing; there is a reason. And the reason is they want to atract big funds and institutions to their stock. Meaning they want to issue new stodk, meaning double dilution fhe first with the massive dilution through the conversion of bonds to equity and second with new issue after the reverse split. Now, it's possible after the reverse split the stock may go north if they have any good news to tell us and there will be no downside to the stock, in which case, if we decide to buy higher we lose; I'll grant you that. But history has taught us that reverse splits are deadly and we all know why they occur. Take the most recent example the City Group, it was split in reverse and went from $2/sh to $40/sh and in a few months it went back down to $20something. Now it's back up after a very long time. Anyhow, the comparison with Breakwater Resources is not appropriate because Breakwater was in production for a very long time. CMK has not sold an ounce of coal yet. Who then is going to trust Cline that they mean what they say? CMK is a "show me" case and will have a hard time to issue stock after the reverse split and it's quite possible the stock will go south before it goes north.