The profit that companies generate do not go to the shareholders themselves as such, unless they get a dividend. Profits accumulate as "retained earnings" in the compnay's kitty. Earnings are reflected in the sp and when the companies are liquidated "retained earnings" go to the shareholders in the form of special dividend or stock buy-back. As far as we are concerned as shareholders, what matters is not who owns what but whether the company makes  profits that will affect the SP. We should not be concerned who the owner is or what percentage of the company stock they own. This practice of selling their stock into the market so they can lower the capital cost is done by everybody who knows how the market works and is nothing new. Of course, Portpool funds own 61% of the stock at 8cents, when the stock goes up in price they will get their money they put down and will still keep 51% of the stock as controlling shareholders. What matters, as far as we are concerned, is to make a go of it. The rest will fall in place.