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As shown below, the coal quality results confirm that the Harbour coal seam will produce a very high energy and low ash product, with excellent high-volatile coking coal characteristics, and based on this sample, lower sulphur levels. All results below are on a washed clean coal, air dried basis.

- Calorific Value - The energy value of 14,580 BTU/lb (8,100 kcal/kg) is well above other coals and will be advantageous in pricing

- Ash - The low ash content of 3.5% is well below the ash content of competing coals and will attract a pricing premium

- Volatiles - A volatile matter content of 39% is within the typical range for high-volatile coking coals

- Sulphur - On a full seam basis, the bulk sample returned 2.54% total sulphur, which is less than the 3.0% previously reported under NI 43-101, but above the typical range for stand-alone thermal and coking coals. The elevated value establishes the use of Donkin coal in coal blends or in coal fired generation plants with desulphurization technology

-- A central section of the coal seam measuring 2.35 metres (7.7 feet), that excludes the higher sulphur roof and floor, returned a reduced sulphur level of 2.09%

- CSN - With a crucible swelling number of 8, Donkin exhibits strong swelling properties consistent with benchmark premium hard coking coals

- Fluidity - High fluidity of greater than 20,000 dial divisions per minute (ddpm) facilitates Donkin's use as a coke blend component with lower fluidity coals

- RoMax - Donkin's reflectance value of 0.87% places it within the range for typical high-volatile semi hard coking coals



It's AMAZING that CMK never bragged about their New Elk mine coal reflectance (how hard the coal is?) even though it is HIGHER than the Donkin coal above although the ash level is MUCH HIGHER.