The share price either will be 1 cent of 1.5 cents, not 1.3 cents.  Today Citigroup bought alot of shares at .10, and if they continue to buy, and something does happen, that means they go tipped off by someone close to the company or an insider to say the least.  Anyways, I have never been in a situation like this before in my years of investing. And with the market going down, and the coal stocks struggling to continue the upward trend puts alot of negativity around CMK, and also for a deal/sales not to happen by the deadline!

Fingers crossed, and hoping some sort of an investment/sales are announced this week, and for now I really do not care for being totally bought out right now....there is so much uncertainty around CMK that you do not see people jumping over each other to buy the shares....either way if the deal is done or not the current management and BODs days are numbered, this I can tell you with NO uncertainty!