There is no doubt that met. coal has finally bottomed and is starting to bounce back higher with no help from Austrailian flooding, which indicates to me that demand is finally moving ahead of supplies.....all mills can say that they are stocked up fully to keep the price down, but with massive cut backs in met. coal production last year......this will greatly effect how much supply is available to the mills.   Thus, these same mills will be running over each other to secure met. coal supplies soon enough, and pushing the price higher.  The quaterly pricing setting comes into play in early April.......I am looking at about 180-200 per ton (1st tier coal), and about 160-180 per ton (2nd tier coal....this is what Cline has mostly, maybe some 1st tier, but not yet).


I am not sure if a sales contract will help right now in terms of getting rid of Marret's Plan.......any ideas????