The reference Stone makes that the company "has secured liquidity" and also the reference that the company "will be able to sustain itself on care and maintenance" for the next three years, are messages of particular importance meaning that dilution will have to take place if the company has any chance of survival. The fact that CMK hired GPM securities is the last ditch attempt by Bates and his cronies to either sell the company and escape dilution or failing that he can have an alibi at the AGM that " I did what I could to save the company" and not be lynched by the shareholders, assuming of course that Marret might keep him on. But that last hope must be fading fast in view of the latest developments and appointments on the board by Marret. My sense is that Bates and his clan in the company are history, are toast. Now, Marret is bound by the Plan to keep the company as an ongoing concern at least for three years before it converts the second trance of bonds into equity of 1.7billion shares and that provided the current shareholders don't exercise the warrants which will be made available to them as per the Plan. But as the Plan states explicitly Marret may sell the company at any time, and the current shareholders can exercise the Warrants before the sale takes place, but the maximum time allowed to resolve this matter and Marret get its money is three years. There is plenty of time therefore for them to get this company going and then sell it. So Marret, I think, is in  for the long haul.