After I started work with a major corporation in Toronto back in the early ninenties, the CEO brought in from another branch a "hit squad" to clean house because the place had turned soft and unprofitable. The new hatchet men would take no prisoners, they strarted firing people, cutting expenses to the bone, the maintenance budget was gutted and all this to show how profitable the company was. Many of these hatchet men did not know they were being used by the senior management that was preparing the company for sale. And when the company was sold and the new people took over many of these hatchet man who had gutted the company were let go, to their disappointment. Could the same scenario be repeated with CMK, clean house, get the company up and running under Marret and then sell it? If so the appointment of Tobin and Haywood will be followed by others. The only personnel that was not fired from that company was the Engineering department, the rest were all gone. Could we see again the St. Bartholomeus Night  massacre  at CMK  by the newcomers of  Marret's hatchet men?  Possibly. Who knows.