There are some erroneous beliefs propagated on this board by some "authorities on the subject" that it would be to the current board's interests to strike some kind of a deal with some prospective buyers and not place themselves under the tutelage of the Marret Plan etc., etc.,etc. Is this a joke? wishful thinking or an out right folly? Don't these people realize that CMK in its past form  is no longer? What powers do the Morons of CMK board  McKnight, Bates and the rest of the Holy Family have at this point? Short of a sale, an offtake agreement, or a joint venture, and that seems highly unlikely in the current market conditions, none! Up to  now they have lost all moral authority and are about to lose, in a couple of weeks, all legal authority as well. Whether they keep their jobs or not will depend on the Marret Bondholders; and if we judge from the recent moves and the appointments, AND NOT THE ELECTION ON THE BOARD ,of Tobin and Haywood,  these characters are history, they are toast. And you talk about choices of the present board and what their interests would dictate? Are we living in Alice's Wonderland here or what.