How could you say met coal prices have no effect on CMK????  For a potential buyer of coal assets it sure does!  The bottom is in on met. coal prices and you are seeing a turn around in prices as we move are forward looking....if you did not know that then you should not be in the equities market.  Go put your money under your mattress. 

In terms of no volume...what you guys expect......CMK to have massive volume day in day out????  This does not make sense....surely volume will come in if either there is deal reached (pushing the stock up) or no deal reached pushing the stock either case you will have massive volume.  Right now is the calm before the storm IMO.....Very high risk---very high reward game!  


In order to avoid the Marret plan we need multiple bidders coming to the table and bidding the asset value up on CMK......than it is all in the hands of the management team trying to secure the best possible deal as oppose to the cr appy Marret Plan........Technically if something is to happen some sort of a binding letter of intent should be signed by feb. 28th....then you will really see the shares trade at the expected selling price viewed from the markets point of view with big volume.


IMO....only put your money in CMK now if you can afford to lose it, and in doing so would not effect your overall wealth!