It has been a very good last three days for me with CMK. I was the only one, I believe, that got partially filled ay .185 at closing, only for someone to bring it down half a cent at the bell. Here is a stock I just knew I had some left, and just did not bother with because it was going no where. I concluded it went kaput, I could afford the loss. After all, I have milked it to death.

Now I would like someone to  give me a convincing argument why they would not take profit at every opportunity? I ask this because someone who does is called everything negatively. It does not bother me at all. I traded 23 times today; buy low and sell high, not waiting. Not sweaing like many of you who sadly must have endured severe losses. If  some of you have not learned anything, then you are consenting sitting ducks to lose money. From my perspective the days of being long on penny stocks are over. That is my view.

I am waiting for a counter argument just in case I may learn a thing or two. Have anice week-end.