Well, I might get hurt even more than I am at present, but have accumulated more shares at these prices.

I just have a hard time believing that the Banks and Bondholders would let CMK go down the tubes during a cyclical low in the coal markets.   I am thinking back on Hillsborough (Coal) that used to trade for around $3.00, got down to pennies, and was later the subject of a takeover attempt at around $0.50 and Management eventually approved a $0.55 takeover price.

If the Company issued a press release saying that they are exploring ' all strategic avenues to maximise shareholder value, including a possible sale of the Company' .... I am sure the stock price would react postively.  Any company in dire straits that put itself up for sale, saw a bump in share price.

I have a hard time believing that after all the work and Capital raised and workforce hired, etc... that CMK would go belly up for a mere $2.5MM interest payment.     There must be some debt restructuring avenues open to Management.

We will find out soon enough.