that was the plan all along....this whole thing was a set up...people just chose to ignore the truth and jumped in all on hype....instead of seeing red flags all they seen were dollar signs! I was never fooled by these liars!!...yes liars!! the whole bunch of them...and their lies made no sense at all....hell I am still trying to find out where that phantom train load of coal went to last year...100 cars of coal or something like that vanished...poof...heck do you know how many trucks full of coal that would take...yet not one person here can tell me what trucking company they emails and calls were never answered....that would have been a huge job...pretty obvious that was all lies...hell they don't even have a valid highway permit...but many here thought that wasn't a big deal either was much easier to put me on ignore rather than listen to my had to be crazy or blinded by greed and hype to believe these jokers....Bates ran this one perfectly....he can die happy now...this loser doesn't care about chapter 11...the money has been made already and it was never about selling coal....that would have just been icing on the cake if it happened....JMHO GLTA