I may not be as optimistic as you but I am positive.  First, I'm not adverse to risk but I stick with companies that have a history of being amongst the top 300 in revenue and/or profits and/or asset values and/or cash flow from operations.  I realize CLL does not qualify on these criteria at the moment but it did as recently as 2011 to early 2012.  Secondly, I look for management that has shown a willingness to change a business model that no longer works.  CLL has focussed it's attention and sold off assets that no longer fit within that focus.  They have instituted rail transport.  With the North African troubles which threaten supplies that have fed eastern Canada, an opportunity exists to rail western crude east.  I don't generally like to invest in companies trading below a dollar but I have followed this one down with dollar cost averaging and remain committed, given the possibilities.  It is an ugly stock but unless you are very well off or very young, riches won't come from stable, in favour companies.