Actually when oil was $57.00 the share price was much higher.  I think they might call this current share price malaise "missed promises, inept management, high debt, negative sentiment, no current president being named, uncertainty as to its future".  If you trade oil companies based solely upon the price of oil, then perhaps you should be trading commodities and not equities.  There are many variables which make up the final market share price of an equity not just the price of oil.  If you were to track the share price performance against the price of oil, you would find a declining share price against a rising oil price so this disconnect between oil price and CLL share price occurred a long time ago and it was that context which allowed some analysts, including Speecher, to give a sell on this stock a few years ago.  Except most did not listen and some still think the rising price of oil will boost this.  I think you would have to prepare a report taking in the business practises of this company, all of the finances, its debt, ability to pay the debt and so on to be able to finally say this company is in great shape and now the price of oil is climbing, the share price will then climb.