This Co. deserves its currently low s/p.    I know it's Xmas, a time of hope and joy, but believing it should be priced at NAV is multi-delusional.    I wouldn't be surprised if one day the academic world uses CLL as a case study in how to run a Promising (pun intended) company into bankruptsy protection.    And the common shareholders get butkus.

The grim reality is CLL loses money on every barrel they sell.   Read Strezlin's post from a last week.   Tells you all you need to know.

What's the s/p going to?    Lower, I believe.      How much lower?   Dunno.    If I did know, I wouldn't be posting this useless msg and wasting your time reading it.    I'd be smoking a cigar and drinkin Crown Royal in Maui.

Happy Holidays :)