The ...WGC... report forecast Chinese gold demand would grow by 25 percent to at least 1,350 tonnes by 2017, though growth in 2014 ....Nigeria today declared a Gross Domestic Product, GDP, of N80.3 trillion ($509.9b) overtaking South Africa as the Africa’s biggest economy. The new figure was announced Sunday by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, after a rebasing that nearly doubled Nigeria’s GDP from N42.3 trillion. The new GDP compares with South Africa’s GDP of N60.7 trillion   ($370.3bn) at the end of 2013.Nigeria 'needs to spend $2.9 trillion' on infrastructure As Africa's population surges over the next several decades and Nigeria, Tanzania, ... China’s $1 Trillion for Africa  China's $1 Trillion for Africa. ... supply as much as $1 trillion in financing to Africa...China thinks that it will be easy to spend $1 trillion in and on Africa.    Nigeria to invest N32 trillion($250billion) for First four years of visionn 2020.. Mundoro Merger pls CNG!