China to invest $1 trillion in Africa through 2025 ... "Africa for the next 20 years will be the single-most important business destination ... outlook for sub-Saharan Africa is positive and projected its GDP growth to be 4.9 percentBy 2025, urban consumers will inject around $20 trillion a year in additional spending into the world economy. Catering to the burgeoning urban consumer classes will also require a boom in the construction of buildings and infrastructure. We estimate that cities will need annual physical capital investment to more than double from nearly $10 trillion today to more than $20 trillion by 2025, the majority of which will be in the emerging world.
Mundoro Merger needs to happen with CGG heading to over 600 million in rev on CSH/Jiama Mines this yr thern over a Billion next yr... it  is time to make it happen for shareholders here! Canadian based, dual listed, profitable and growing gold and copper producer with two operating
mines in China and a portfolio of potential acquisition projects worldwide