April 14, 2014 - Mr. Songlin Zhang, Vice President and Chief Engineer of China Gold International Resources, receives prestigious government recognition. China Gold International Resources (the "Company") is pleased to announce that Mr. Songlin Zhang, the Company's Vice President and Chief Engineer, was selected into the 2013 "Thousand Talents Program" by the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee ("ODCCC").

Mr. Zhang is the first executive in the Chinese gold mining industry to be honored with this recognition."Thousand Talents Program" (the "Thousand Talents Plan" or "Recruitment Program of Global Experts") was initiated by the State Council in December 2008 as a high-level talent recruitment program. The intention of this program is to attract leading international or returning-Chinese experts to work in China and to promote innovation and technological development in various industries. All certificate holders under the program are preeminent technical expects or academic leaders in their fields.
An experienced professional with unique global vision, Mr. Songlin Zhang helped the Company build efficient management system in accordance with the international technology standards, establish a global team of talents and complete a high-quality independent technical report (NI 43-101) for the Jiama Mine. Mr. Zhang also made significant contribution to accelerating company's overseas resources development and investment risk control.

The government of China also granted RMB 1,000,000 to Mr. Songlin Zhang in recognition of his superior achievements.

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