China National Gold targets RMB 100-bln revenue in 2015 China National Gold Group Corp aims to reap RMB 100 billion in sales revenue and RMB 7.5 billion in gross profits in 2015,

China National Gold plans big overseas expansion.

MUNDORO COMMENCES DRILL PROGRAM AT BORSKO JEZERO PROPERTY WITHIN THE TIMOK COMPLEX IN SERBIA ! ....mundoro c in CGG name asap..pls This year Russia plans to sell potential investors 86 prospective hardrock gold deposits with exploration potential in situ of about 91 million ounces of gold. ALL OF IT PLS...... CNG...THX    $80-trillion urban boost for mining projected expanding middle classes in many emerging countries should boost consumption of precious metals and minerals – in Anglo’s case, platinum and diamonds – as that transition occurred.

JOHANNESBURG ( – Projections to 2025 point to cities around the world constructing the equivalent of the entire land area of Austria – 80 000 km2 – in residential and commercial floor space, which would require $80-trillion worth of investment.