Jiama/The newly added mineral reserves will reach 2,000 billion yuan by 2015.>129 sets of machinery, equipment and vehicles and more than 1000 experts have also been deployed. ...lets hope China helps with with accelerating the Mine in being safe and speeding up the production with 1500 workers there to help! The miners were employed by contractors working for China Gold subsidiary Tibet Huatailong Mining Development.10,000 pieces of relief materials, 129 sets of machinery, should make a fast track of the Mine to be safe and help with No substantial impact and no damage on Jiama Mine's facilities occurred. ...there!China Daily, a Beijing newspaper, reported last year that the Jiama mine had hired 191 locals. It said non-Han employees made up 35% of the mine operator’s staff, “the highest percentage among mining companies in China”. In December Tibet Daily, another government newspaper, said that work was under way on setting up monitoring stations in the valley. One of their functions would be to look out for potential “geological disasters”. It was important, it said, gradually to “set up a green mine!

  • China Gold purchases Studio 5D Planner for use at the Jiama Mine to make sure all of the mine is understood where the sensitive areas are!

    jiama copper mine, which is a huge 14 billion lb resource. ... Jiama also has 5 million oz of  gold and 250 million oz of  grade silver China Gold purchases Studio 5D Planner for use at the Jiama Mine. The Jiama project is one of the largest copper gold polymetallic mines in China, located within the Gangdise Copper Metallogeny Belt in Central Tibet.