An Unprecedented Global Frenzy To Buy Physical Gold & Silver: Shoppers In China Lined Up For Gold This Week, While In Hong Kong They Rushed To Buy Bracelets And In India Sought Jewelry For Weddings Not Set Until December And There Is A Shortage For Bars And Coins In Dubai Which Is Creating A Supply Shortage; Short-Term Bounce In Gold Could Start Here!!

Nigel Moffatt, treasurer at the Perth Mint, talks about the demand outlook for gold. Shoppers in China lined up for gold this week, while in Hong Kong they rushed to buy bracelets and in India sought jewelry for weddings not set until December.

Rule – More Evidence Of A Massive Run On Physical Gold

The guy in front of me bought over $1 million in gold. He paid in cash & walked out of the door with the (gold) bullion in a nike bag. Amazing.” I have every confidence that if you & I are on the phone few years from now we will look backShortage of gold bars and coins in Dubai, says World Gold Council
KOLKATA: World Gold Council, which has been tracking the global gold market pattern, has found that there is a shortage for bars and coins in Dubai which is creating a supply shortage.

Aram Shishmanian, CEO, World Gold Council: Mints, Refineries, Brokerages Out Of Stock – COMEX Gold Inventories Demand in the Middle East and Asia, particularly China and India has also surged  Project in the Liaoning Province in CGG NAME!.and CNG GO TO 49% OF cgg SHARES!