Farage – People Are Lined Up Around The Block To Buy Gold

Farage: “No they are not. We are now incredibly cynical about our government, about our central banks, about all of the things that we are told. They are sure signs, if people are queued up around the block to buy physical gold, that people are scared  http://www.bullionstreet.com/news/theres-a-great-gold-rush-happening-in-china/2312  

An Unprecedented Global Frenzy To Buy Physical Gold & Silver: Shoppers In China Lined Up For Gold This Week, While In Hong Kong They Rushed To Buy Bracelets And In India Sought Jewelry For Weddings Not Set Until December And There Is A Shortage For Bars And Coins In Dubai Which Is Creating A Supply Shortage;     China Gold International Resources Corporation, a buyout of Mundoro Mining, 100,00 shares of gold major Anglogold Ashanti, 350,000 shares of Goldfields Limited, ...as Investors here as a Group we ask for a massive mine Injection in CGG from CNG so pls we ask Investors here to do that also! 150 million oz of GOLD SHOULD BE CGG /CNG GOAL WITH A GOOD PAID DIVIDEND TO SHAREHOLDERS HERE! China Investment Corporation, one of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds, is using exchange-traded funds to take positions in the mining sector, including gold miners AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields!...Cng go to 49.9 % of CGG !