Chinese Demand For Silver

Take a second to think how much of an impact this will have on the silver market - the sheer amount of people, and at such a high rate of savings.

Then you factor in Chinese demand for things silver is need to make - cell phones, computer, batteries, silverware and jewelry. China's silver consumption already accounts for 70% of the global total of industrial use, and its middle class isn't even close to reaching its spending potential.

What's more, those aren't the only reasons analysts are predicting silver prices can reach as high as $100 this year and $250 by 2015. 

World could witness silver shortage by 2015The world has already witnessed a 93% drop in global inventory of Silver since the 1950 and consumptiom, investment demand continues to outpace supplies, that the world could witness silver shortage as early at 2015  350,000 tons of molybdenum and 3,200 tons (100 million ounces) of silver. Located about 60 km east of Lhasa. Qulong Cu-(Mo) deposit, Jiama, ... Jiama also has 5 million oz of gold and 250 million oz of  silver! 

2012/CGG/Gold Production Increases by 4%. Copper Production Increases by 20%. Revenues Grow by 7%. Both Mines Are Going Through Expansion and Continue to be Awarded for Environmental Initiative and Social Responsibility.Mine expansion feasibility study to double the CSH Mine's processing capacity to 60,000 tpd was completed in November 2012.  Gold production is expected to double from its 2012 level of 139,443 ounces per annum to about 260,000 ounces per annum! (02099.HK) has conducted research upon an ultra-large gold mine The gold ore reserves at that gold mine amounted to 148.5 tons, Xinhua News Agency...

Plans call for Jiama mine
in Tibet to produce 63,000
tons annually by 2014with the aim of
joining top-tier global
mining companies!