n 2013, the Company plans to drill about 30,000 meters at a cost of approximately US$9.5 million. Main goals of the 2013 drilling program are:

  • further delineating the South Pit ore body to define a potentially larger final pushback
  • infill drilling to further define main high grade ore body in current underground mining area
  • further delineating the gold deposit discovered in 2012 on the east side of the South Pit
  • either confirming the area for waste dump (condemnation drilling) or identifying if there is a potential for another hornfels open pit
  • testing porphyry anomaly on the Bayi Ranch exploration license area from 2012 geochemistry analysis

Jiama Mine covered an area of approximately 76.9 square kilometers and

66.4 square kilometers, respectively. According to the Jiama Technical Report, the major mineralized
body at the Jiama Mine is open along the dip direction, representing significant potential to discover

more mineral resources after additional exploration in that area.

The currently defined
Reserves arehosted
licenceswhich have a total
combined area of approximately 142.6
sq.km Some of the Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves are currently hostedoutside of the current mining licence but within the exploration licence.