China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. (TSX: CGG) -China Gold Group hosted a geological seminar on exploration and development of the Jiama Copper Poly-metallic project in Tibet. The purpose of the seminar was to bring together leading national and international experts to review the Jiama Project data and propose methods for efficient exploration and to accelerate the development and construction of the Jiama Project.

Seminar participants included Chen Yuchuan, Pei Rongfu, Zhai Yusheng and Mo Xuanxue (Members of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering), Duo Ji (Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the chief of the Tibet Geological Exploration Bureau), Sun Zhaoxue (General manager of China National Gold Group and Chairman of China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd.), Song Xin (Deputy General Manager of China National Gold Group and CEO of China Gold International), Greg Hall and John King Burns (Independent directors of China Gold International) and Prof. Craig Hart of the University of British Columbia. In total, over 50 experts and scholars attended the seminar from Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources, China Geological Survey, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Tibet Geological Exploration Bureau, China University of Geosciences, Chengdu University of Technology and University of British Columbia.The seminar focused on defining optimal methods for the conduct of exploration program and conceptual mine development that CGG can execute going forward to define and mine a potential porphyry system that has now been indicated by early drilling results to lie below the currently defined resources

During the seminar, Sun Zhaoxue pointed out that over the course of the past two years China National Gold Group had finished a series of milestones such as mineral rights integration, geological exploration and development and construction with the goal being to build a large-scale, environmentally-friendly modern mine. Experts at the meeting explored further the ore prospecting method suitable for the Jiama Mine to provide a theoretical basis for an expansion of the Jiama Project.

Experts at the conference discussed in depth the potential for a number of porphyry systems and larger scale mineralization at the Jiama Project and the surrounding area, how and what methods to use to explore the potential of the surrounding and deep areas, how to carry out the next exploration phase, and other matters. They suggested strengthening the research of skarn deposit, lava activities and porphyry deposit in order to facilitate suitable exploration of deep resources and at the same time continue to develop and refine the conceptual mine plans so as to constrain drilling and other exploration activities within a reasonable appraisal of mining economics.China National Gold Group Corporation, a Chinese state-owned enterprise owns approximately 39% of China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. shares.