I am as apprehensive as you are about what will happen to CGG stock in the morning. Will the stock collapse or will mining gurus conclude the disastrous landslide can be cleaned-up and mining commence in days? Then the stock may drops 20 or 25 cents but almost certainly will go back up in two or three days.

 I worry about “losing my pants”, but that is absolutely nothing compared to the Chinese and Tibetan men and women workers who lost their lives. Eighty-three families have been torn apart as spouses lost husbands and wives and children lost fathers and mothers. No job is more dangerous than mining. I set chokers in the woods, worked on a salmon purse seine and longshored. Later I was offered a well paying job in a N.W.T. mine. My first day frightened me. I quit. I learned I wasn’t the “tough guy” I thought I was. I hold miners in the highest of esteem. If it wasn’t for miners there wouldn’t be a CGG and I wouldn’t have made the money I have trading CGG stock. Tomorrow morning I am sending a $100 cheque to China Gold International Resources at: Suite 1030, One Benfall Centre, 505 Burrard Street, Box 31, Vancouver, BC, V7X 1M5. I will ask the money be given to one of the shattered and destitute families. I encourage you to do the same. Your pocketbook may take a hit tomorrow, but if you donate to one or more of those grieving families you will feel good about yourself.