CGG/jiama  On December 1, 2010, the Company completed the Global Offering, issuing 53,660,000 Common Shares
at a price of $5.76 per Common Share As part of the Skyland Acquisition and the Global Offering, the Company also contemplated undertaking
a re-direction of its future business focus. In particular, the transactions were intended to act as a catalyst
for the Company to become the flagship overseas platform of China National Gold. China National Gold
granted to the Company the CNG Non-Compete, a non-compete undertaking in which the Company is
entitled to pursue any and all opportunities sourced by China National Gold and its Controlled Entities in
the International Mining Business.
An updated
resource model has been used by China Gold International and CGDI to develop a mine plan and cost
estimates for an expanded operation to 60,000 t/d by the end of 2013.The mine life is estimated to be 31 years based on the Mineral Reserve. The Jiama Project at full
production has a planned average mining production rate of 13.6 Mtpa ROM ore As part of its Phase II expansion plans the Company proposes that a new Huatailong processing
plant be constructed to treat the copper-molybdenum sulphide ores from Project. It is forecast that
it will have an overall rate of 40 ktpd ROM (i.e. 12 Mtpa ROM of Cu-Mo ores) and commence
production in 2014. Once commissioned for operation, the overall processing capacity for the
Jiama Project will be 13.8 Mtpa for Cu-Mo ores.Average annual net cash flow of USD 120 M over the life of mine for a total undiscounted
cumulative net cash flow of approximately USD 3,634 M.Excellent opportunity to expand the current Mineral Reserves at the Jiama Project through
completion of infill drilling presently being undertaken in the South Pit area. It is likely that this
drilling will result in an upgrade of the inferred resource inside South Pit to at least Indicated
status. Reserving of this material is also likely to increase the ore tonnage within the planned pit
outline in turn increasing the mine life and reducing the strip ratio further especially in the earlier
years of production as most of the inferred resources are located in the upper portions of the
planned pit. This is likely to have a positive impact on the South Pit economics.! Further optimisation of the scheduling for the open cut and underground resources is likely to
lead to an increase in NPV through smoothing out of the overall project strip ratio and production
profile. Improvement in the sequencing of material and optimizing waste and ore movement will
allow for costs to be managed and for higher grade material to be brought forward therefore
increasing the value of the deposit. This can be achieved by attaining a greater level of detail by
running numerous options on the sequencing and scheduling of the pits as well as the sequence
between the timing of when various pits come into production putting focus on high grade pits
first to increase the value of the deposit through the time value of money.DIVIDENDS
China Gold International has not, since its incorporation, paid any dividends on any of its Common
Shares. China Gold International has no present intention to pay dividends, but China Gold
International’s Board of Directors will determine any future dividend policy on the basis of earnings,
financial requirements and other relevant factors.
In December 2011 the Company announced that it had secured access to an additional water supply of
one million cubic meters of water annually for the CSH Gold Project following construction of a 3.3
kilometer water supply line which connects the CSH Gold Project to a newly constructed government
owned dam on the Muleng River. Access to the additional water supply will enable the Company to
expand its operations at the CSH Gold Project in the future and the Company will excavate over 800,000
cubic meters of silt and clay from the reservoir for future leach pad construction.Technical Report Expansion Feasibility Study for the CSH Gold Project. The Expansion Feasibility Study
(EFS) supports a 60,000 tonne per day (tpd) expansion plan, under which the open pit reserves at the CSH
project stand at over 213.5 million tonnes containing about 4.08
million ounces of gold!
PUT Maoling Gold Project in the Liaoning Province in CGG NAME!.and CNG shares would not be for-sale if they did that on the deal! ..CNG OWNS 39% OF CGG!  For shareholders here !CGG - CHINA GOLD INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES CORP LTD (FORMERLY JINSHAN GOLD MINES INC.)
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