Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, an emerging hot investment destination in interior China, is aiming to maintain 20 percent annual GDP growth over the next eight years to drive development of the country's vast underdeveloped western region.By Wu Jiao and Tan Yingzi ( China Daily) Tang Zongwei, deputy director of the administrative committee of the new area, told China Daily the region needs to pool about 100,000 highly skilled workers to sustain its development. A total of 400,000 jobs will be offered by 2015.The area has already attracted 113 Fortune 500 companies, Tang said. Among those companies, 44 are from the United States and Europe, while 19 are from Japan and South Korea.Aside from the 680,000 people working in key industries in the area, an additional 400,000 skilled workers are needed in the next three years as new projects continue to flock in. In particular, the area needs about 100,000 highly skilled workers by 2015, and 300,000 by 2020!   PUT Maoling Gold Project in the Liaoning Province in CGG NAME!.and CNG shares would not be forsale if they did that on the deal! ..CNG OWNS 39% OF CGG!