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so the us debt maybe a higher spin than 17 trillion as reported by the us and  a report on a mt Fort Knox and  as a Canadian with those politicos Canadian names Band-Aid about there on trha link gives me the chills lets hope there is a criminal investigation in Canada on it  ,and Gold starts and  heads higher and China /CGG needs to be allowed to use that 70 billion $ to help so many bashed down Gold stocks ! China Knowledge) - China National Gold Group Corp aims to reap RMB 100 billion in sales revenue and RMB 7.5 billion in gross profits in 2015, said General Manager Sun Zhaoxue. CGG and their relationships with local governments in China, as well as their engineering, operating, and financing capabilities globally.
Jiama Project to Optimize Multi-Metal Separation Technology With the Support of NMSC to Further Improve Multi-Metal Processing Recovery Rate Special technical staff from the Jiama Project will work closely with processing specialists from NMSC to test separation technology of the Jiama Project in order to further optimize the metal recovery rate of the Jiama Project. A subsidiary of CHINAGOLDINTL (02099.HK) has conducted research upon an ultra-large gold mine in Inner Mongolia. The gold ore reserves at that gold mine amounted to 148.5 tons, Xinhua News Agency reported.Experts believe it is still possible to discover further reserves deeper into the mine and at the surrounding area.