CGG rev/ 2013E$ 363.83 MILLION and   q4 could be in the  Billions and  Maoling Gold Project remains stalled.  so just but it in CGG name and a  100 Billion NAV: Net Asset Value should be CCG Goal  and CNG could go to  49% of CGG and there share are not for sale and 51% would only be traded on the markets if they did this and CGG nav jumps to 2.6 billion if they did this , and drill results coming for Jiama ,and CGG targets should make a goal for a 100 billion Nav  .........Jul. 27, 2010 (China Knowledge) - China National Gold Group Corp aims to reap RMB 100 billion in sales revenue and RMB 7.5 billion in gross profits in 2015, said General Manager Sun Zhaoxue. Mundoro Announces Strategic Transaction With China National Gold Hong Kong Limited   China recently found a large gold mine in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. According to experts, the deposit may contain more than 100 tons, and its potential economic value is expected to be more than 35 billion yuan. A subsidiary of CHINAGOLDINTL (02099.HK) has conducted research upon an ultra-large gold mine in Inner Mongolia. The gold ore reserves at that gold mine amounted to 148.5 tons, Xinhua News Agency reported.Experts believe it is still possible to discover further reserves deeper into the mine and at the surrounding area.  China Gold International Resources Corp Ltd (CGIR), a subsidiary of China National Gold Group Corp, the country's biggest gold producer by output, said on Thursday it has discovered an ore sample indicating vast gold reverses at its mine in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.