Mines and Money Hong Kong is where mining companies from around the world come to raise capital in Asia and meet with investors from Hong Kong and mainland China. Gold Sponsors 2013

Top gold producer China aims to produce between 420 and 450 tons of the precious metal in 2015, up about 25 percent from 2011, while consumption may reach 1,000 tons by then, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said Monday.

"The short supply for gold in China will last in the coming years," MUNDORO IN CGG NAME PLS CNG/CGG!

CGG $22.00.SP has the advantage of leveraging China National Gold's international project pipeline, their relationships with local governments in China, as well as their engineering, operating, and financing capabilities globally. CNG is in controlled position with Maoling Gold Project in the Liaoning Province

and in there name so we asked CGG to ask CNG to go to 49% of CGG and put Maoling Gold Project in the Liaoning Province in CGG NAME!  The completion of the Strategic Transaction is an important step for the future development of the Maoling Gold Project. Mundoro's 5% retained interest in MMI ... 2013;...IN CGG name and CNG goes to 49% of CGG.. to us AS INVESTORS PLS DO IT on the to do list for CNG! then once its done (TSX: MUN) could be bought afterwards as the  Maoling Gold Project is in CGG name!...this makes this a to do for CNG for shareholders here!