Jiama /Life of Mine (LOM) projected average cash cost $1.76/lb Cu equivalent, or $1.52/lb Cu with other metals credited ;

•   Contribution of Cu, Mo, Au and Ag to gross revenues are 75%, 11%, 7% and 6% respectively. Lead (Pb) and Zinc (Zn) contributes less than 1% of overall revenue; and

   Undiscounted, cumulative net cash flow, is approximately $3.8 billion the total Project processing capacity will be increased from its current production rate of 1.8 Mt of ore per year to 12.3 Mt of ore per year, producing approximately 176 Mlb of Cu, 2.3 Kt of Mo, 35 Koz of Au, 2.7 Moz of Ag, per annum over a period of 31 years......with Jiama in the  P&P category has the same value as 2 million oz in the M&I category and either 12.5 or 20 million in the inferred category! looking forward to the updated resource count at Jiama ! The four open pits are designed to mine all three types of mineralization, producing approximately 6.3 Mt of ROM ore and removing about 19 Mt of waste rock per annum with a LOM stripping ratio of 3.01. The underground mine is designed to mine the high grade portion of the skarn type mineralization and will produce approximately 6 Mt of ROM ore per annum.Jiama is still drilling Jiama 5 million oz GOLD and 250 million oz of low grade silver Jiama Project to Optimize Multi-Metal Separation Technology With the Support of NMSC to Further Improve Multi-Metal Processing Recovery Rate

Jiama project will have a daily mining production capacity of 4,000 tonsUndiscounted, cumulative net cash flow, is approximately $3.8 billion with the aim of joining top-tier global mining companies.