PARTNER #1: “The first gold company I want to tell you about has
deep connections with the Chinese government.For example, they have
a long–term deal with the China National Gold to “review third
party mining operations and exploration projects in China that may
be of interest to both parties.”Also, part of this company was
actually formed by key members of China’s National Non–Ferrous
Metals Industry Corporation, a state–owned company. “It’s no
surprise, of course, that this company is the largest gold foreign
producer in China today… and controls the country’s 2nd largest
mine. “In short, there’s no foreign company in China that can get
projects done like this firm can. I think it’s absolutely a
no–brainer to own the biggest foreign producer in the world’s #1
gold–mining country. “The important point is, this is the best gold
producer in China and among the top gold producers in the world. “I
believe very strongly that this company will become the next major
gold producer, right up there with Goldcorp, Barrick, and Newmont
The time to get in is now.”China Gold estimates Jiama NPV at $1.5-billion (U.S.) and wiil go up soon CGG update resources and .,CSH 1.8 billion NPV Maoling Gold Project in the Liaoning Province

in there name we asked  CGG  to ask CNG to go to 49% of CGG and put  Maoling Gold Project in the Liaoning Province
in CGG name  and Rubicon Minerals Corp, a good move for CGG and CNG  to make that move!