Jiama  5 million oz  and 250 million oz of low grade silver Mining The Phase II Expansion Project will include the addition of four open pits and one underground mine.The four open pits are designed to mine all three types of mineralization, producing approximately 6.3 Mt of ROM ore and removing
about 19 Mt of waste rock per annum with a LOM stripping ratio of 3.01.  The underground mine is designed to mine the high grade portion of the skarn type mineralization and will produce approximately 6 Mt of ROM ore per annum.  The Company plans to expand the Project’s processing capacity from its
current 1.8 Mt of ore per year to 12 Mt of ore per year, producing
approximately 176 Mlb of Cu, 2.3 Kt of Mo, 35 Koz of Au, 2.7 Moz of Ag,per annum over a period of 31 years.Assaying and geological logging and testing of the core from this program is ongoing
and this information will be included in future updates of the Mineral
Resources and Mineral Reserves. JIAMA 176 million pounds of copper per annum times 31 yrs 35 thousand ounces of gold (Au) per annum times 31 yrs 2.7 million ounces of silver (Ag) per annum times 31.yrs

2.3 thousand tonnes of molybdenum (Mo) per annum times 31 yrs and still new drilling going on!


The Company is currently completing further metallurgical testing of
both skarn and hornfels ores to further optimize the molybdenum and
precious metal recoveries especially in lower grade ores. Further
testing underway in the hornfels mostly located in the Jiaoyan pit
area, will be focused on further refining the Cu-Mo separation.the Company
aims to release an update of the Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.....MUNDORO NEEDS TO BE PUT IN CGG name...asap and CNG GOLD needs to go to 49% of CGG