I did send an email to Stockhouse, I listed all of Frank's alias's and asked if they could check if they all came from the same IP address.  Furthermore, I asked if they recieved more requests from Frank to delete legitimate posts, if they could verify them before deleting.  I don't know if this will result in anything, but when Frank starts deleting honest discussions on this stock, just because they aren't cheerleading posts it get's me really annoyed.  We are all supposed to post nothing but "cgg is great, gold will be $20,000, he who can't be named is great". 


You can email stockhouse by clicking on "about Stockhouse"


BCJACK, I would encourage you to re-post your excellent post, even though it wasn't exactly flattering about CGG.  I feel it reflected the truth about this stock and offered some insight as to why this stock is not increasing in value.  I would encourage everyone to email stockhouse.