Yesterday a post was removed from this BB, I believe it was posted by BCJACK, it was directly related to this stock and very informative, it contained absolutely no slander.  Because it dealt with issues this company may be experiencing it was not received well by a certain individual who posts under multiple aliases on this stock. Because he has multiple aliases, he can flag any post he wants as "offensive" and you remove these posts without even reading them.  This has become ridiculous, can you not remove multiple aliases from Stockhouse, it has become impossible to have a normal conversation on this BB.  Everything we post about this stock is flagged offensive and then removed.


This post will also be emailed directly to Stockhouse, this is getting absurd.  BCJACK's post was exactly the sort of information I was looking for.  Frank, I am emailing Stockhouse about you and asking them to look into your bullying of this board.