(Infocast News)    China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. (02099) announced that Inner Mongolia Pacific, a co-operative joint venture company controlled by the company, has entered into an engineering, procurement and construction agreement with China Gold Construction (wholly-owned by China National Gold Group which is the parent company of the group) pursuant to which China Gold Construction will provide general engineering, procurement and construction services at the Chang Shan Hao Mine (CSH Mine) in order to expand the ore processing capacity at the CSH Mine. The total service fee payable by Inner Mongolia Pacific is RMB775 million.

Inner Mongolia Pacific has also entered into a construction supervision agreement with Changchun Institute pursuant to which Changchun Institute will provide mining supervision services and technical support to Inner Mongolia Pacific at the CSH Mine. Also, the company has entered into the Jiama framework agreement with China National Gold Group pursuant to which China National Gold Group will provide mining development and construction services to the company at the Jiama Mine in order to implement the Phase II development plan for the Jiama Mine as set out in the Prefeasibility Study.

In addition, Huatailong, an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has entered into the Section IV Expansion Agreement, the Northern District Development Agreement, the Niumatang Agreement I and the Niumatang Agreement II with China Tenth Metallurgy Group Limited Corporation (CTMG) pursuant to which CTMG will provide mining engineering, construction, stripping and excavation services at the Jiama Mine. Huatailong has also entered into the Flotation Machines Purchase Agreement with Henan Zhongyuan pursuant to
We are extremely pleased to have Mr. La Salle join Sama's Board of Directors and serve as Chairman of the Board. His broad experience within all aspects of the mining industry in West Africa will help guide us in our growth for years to come"  The Gartman Letter October 18th, 2012Dennis Gartman: Editor/Publisher"The major news overnight is news out of China  that the economy there is not nearly as weak as some had feared… that is so long as we believe the statistics generated by the government .  ......some Monnis Mundoro news news pls and Berrick Africa news ...asap CNG!