Asia-Pacific region replaced Europe as the world’s most affluent area. Credit Suisse predicted the household wealth in Asia-Pacific will increase by 55 per cent to USD 115 trillion in 2017, raising the region’s share in global wealth to 35 per cent in the next five years.

China has become the region’s most important source of growth in wealth over the past decade. The annual growth rate of mainland China’s household wealth has grown 13 per cent since 2000, more than double compared to the global average of 5.8 per cent. The report predicted China will bring USD 18 trillion to global wealth in the next five years, reaching USD 38 trillion and surpassing Japan’s USD 35 trillion. In 2017, China will become the world’s second richest country.

Moreover, the report also noted that China had 4,700 ultra-high net worth individuals (with a personal net worth over USD 50 million   China will have a Big demand for Gold as China s  growth and wealth gets bigger I hope CGG thinks Big and nails down Mundoro  as a Target with out a Permit!