Jiama  has 5 million oz of gold and 250 million oz  of  silver! and , CGG purchase of the there new technology will show that in there on going drilling at Jiama and reserve count   and send it to 90 yrs in the mine life!  Jiama into a large,environmentally-friendly mine equipped with leading technologies," Plans call for Jiama mine in Tibet to produce 63,000 tons annually

The four open pits are designed to mine all three types of mineralization, producing approximately 6.3 Mt of ROM ore and removing about 19 Mt of waste rock per annum with a LOM stripping ratio of 3.01.  The underground mine is designed to mine the high grade portion of the skarn type mineralization and will produce approximately 6 Mt of ROM ore per annum.

..CSH needs to get 10 million plus and 250 350  plus a yrs to make both Mines a bigger cash Cow ..Monnis news and Mundoro news would be nice to see in a NR!