40,000 tonnes per day (tpd Highlights of the study show a payback period of less than 4yrs  Jiama Mines payed off and 31 years added to the Mine !

The Company plans to expand the Project's processing capacity from its current 1.8 Mt of ore per year to 12 Mt of ore per year cumulative net cash flow is approximately $3.8 billion. CGG is trying to confirm 33 thousand oz of Gold and over 100 million oz of Silver by the looks of it with that rev Pre-Feasibility Technical Report. Anthony has approved the technical and scientific information pertaining to the Jiama Project's Mineral Reserves, Life of Mine Operating Costs and Capex and Cashflow Analysis contained in this release. .... and CSH is up next  10 million plus lets hope for at CSH and some Monnis news and Mundoro as a Target is a Must, we think! Jiama is now a big cash cow for CNG!