China Gold International Resources Purchase for Jiama Mine ..... on Hardshell; 6 Million Ounces Per Year Silver Production, NPV of $357 Million just on Silver if CGG hits 250 million oz of silver it  helps A Phase II Production Expansion Feasibility Study is
anticipated in Q2/12 to potentially increase reserves and
mine production capacity from 6,000 tpd to ~40,000 tpd
+20,000 tpd.  and help CGG get traded on LME in Dec  Shanghai will become the global center of yuan trading, clearing and pricing by 2015, in line with a State plan to make the city an international financial hub by 2020.

Financial experts said the plan will not put the city in direct competition with Hong Kong, which is already the offshore yuan center. That's because the two cities will offer different yuan-based products and services to different clients.

The plan, jointly published by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Government on Monday, sets out the main objectives for Shanghai to become a financial center. Key to those objectives is to raise the annual volume of trade in Shanghai's financial markets (excluding the foreign exchange market) to 1 quadrillion yuan ($158 trillion) by 2015. China s Demand for Gold and silver will Just get Bigger over the yrs!   it would easy to put Mundoro in CGG hands without a permit and CNG goes to 49% of CGG shares!