Fastest growing companies (performance matrix)

Companies can change at an alarming rate in a very short space of time - be sure to check out the performance of the 57 companies we rate as Danger to see how these companies have declined over 4 years. The Plimsoll Global Analysis will give you an in-depth assessment of the Global Gold Mining industry instantly. Whether you wish to benchmark your own company's results, study the industry in more depth or have a vast array of industry intelligence at your disposal, this report is the ideal resource.

Companies Mentioned

- ACN 124 163 793 PTY LTD


- CHINA GOLD INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES CORP. LTD.      Mundoro if CNG CGG helps put Mundoro and


in CGG hands!  and Jiama may have  5 million oz of  gold  and 250 million oz of  silver coming  in there reserve update...with a total area of 2.9km2, and two will look Good on CGG site and CSH 10 million oz! with


exploration licenses totaling 143.3 km2.