Mundro should be Put in CGG targets with out a permit asap with Jiama will have some leading environmental mining equipment to help Mundro if there was a permit to be given in should be in CGG hands first!  Jiama

    Jiama model

  world's 50 biggest mines of its kind by deposits and may generate an annual product value of 4.5 billion yuan ($712 million

Sun Zhaoxue, general manager of CNGG.

"The answer, in our mind, is to build Jiama into a large, environmentally-friendly mine equipped with leading technologies,   and Jiama may have  5 million oz of  gold  and 250 million oz of  silver coming  in there reserve update...with a total area of 2.9km2, and two

exploration licenses totaling 143.3 km2.

and this would help Mundoro if the Jiama  CSH reserve count comes in on Big Numbers !